About BG Pellami

Continuous and timely sourcing of materials to ensure prompt deliveries to customers.

Where we come from

When BG Pellami was founded

The company was established in 1983 as a collection of various leather scraps, evolving into the trade of leather stocks in the early 1990s. By that time, the company assumed its current structure, specializing in wholesale leather trade primarily for the clothing sector, but not exclusively.

Over the years, the company successfully adapted to the changing demands of the industry, continually improving its quality standards and becoming a significant presence both nationally and internationally.

Today, the business can be considered divided into three main sectors: sheepskin with fur, suede goat leather, and furs and fur sheets.

Our Strength

The Commercial Strength

The commercial strength of the company is based on the constant and timely sourcing of all processed materials, aiming to meet customer demands with prompt deliveries. Our strength also lies in the ongoing exploration of new leather treatments, providing a wide range of services and opportunities during sampling and production phases.

The quality standards for our leathers are exceptionally high, chosen through meticulous selection by directly purchasing from various auctions worldwide. We leverage highly qualified personnel directly in the production countries (China, India, Spain, Turkey).